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Episode 445th July 2021 • The Shop and Chivalry Podcast • Brian Belford
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Everyone welcome back to another episode! Today's guest is a fortune of energy. Katie Weldon serves as Programming Director at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, which serves more than 950 businesses and more than 50,000 employees along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As if that wasn't enough, Katie is also the current serving President of an amazing women's organization, The Junior Auxiliary of Biloxi-Ocean Springs--JABOS, as it's more affectionately called. This organization leverages the talent, tenacity, and strength of the southern woman to make major impact in the Biloxi-Ocean Springs area. I know many of these women involved and there is no shortage of capability in any part of this organization. Katie has cultivated an amazing team.

Some of the work of JABOS impacts the relationship between parent and child. JABOS works to ease the transition from hospital bed to home bed by providing car seats and even clothing to place the child in clothes, rather than hospital garb.

JABOS also does a fantastic job of emphasizing long term health by battling obesity at a grassroots level. Their eight month training program capstones with participation in the Ocean Springs Historical Society's Kid's One-Mile Fun Run.

These are just a couple of programs of JABOS. Their impact is much greater. Check out for more information or to become a member.

Katie and I talk about JABOS, her life as a new mother, and other social issues. Her energy is infectious. I had a wonderful time talking to this amazing woman. I hope you all enjoy!!!