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HTW-Ep 186 Late Season Hunting Opportunities
Episode 18619th October 2023 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outdoors
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This week on Rolling Bones' Hunt the World podcast we have some options for you. Let's say you didn't draw this year but you'd still like to harvest this fall. This episode will be for you. Brian and Brad are in Tajikistan this week but Bleep takes the helm with guests Eric Skavang, RBO Adventures and Booking, Noel Erickson, RBO Senior Advisor, and Braydin Eastman, RBO Membership services. They have some excellent hunt opportunities for you to look at yet this year and some off season hunting opportunities coming up in early 2025. Plus they give us some strategy advice on how to get the most out of your points and tags. We'll also hear what hunts are hot right now and what the RBO membership, in general, is looking at. Thank you for listening and as always, send us your feedback at



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