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Do school vouchers save money and improve academic performance?
14th May 2022 • On Iowa Politics Podcast • The Gazette
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Gov. Kim Reynolds wants to persuade Iowa House Republicans to support an Iowa Senate bill that would provide private school scholarships, or vouchers, supporting a number of claims:

Claim 1: “Public education funding in Iowa has grown $1.12 billion since FY12.”

Claim 2: “For nearly 20 years, math and reading scores for Iowa students have been decreasing.”

Claim 3: “65 studies on the financial impact of school choice found that programs have generated savings for taxpayers …”

Claim 4: “Studies show that private school choice has a positive impact on student attainment, increasing the odds of graduation from high school, enrolling in college and earning a degree.”

Claim 5: “Credible evidence demonstrates that school choice improves academic outcomes even for public schools …”

The Fact Checker team checks statements made by an Iowa political candidate/officeholder or a national candidate/officeholder about Iowa, or in ads that appear in our market.

Claims must be independently verifiable. We give statements grades from A to F based on accuracy and context.

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