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21. Sacred Sexuality & Prosperity with Jaitara Jayde
Episode 2119th June 2024 • Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself • Meredith Ochoa
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When you have sex, you are giving some else permission to ‘enter’ the ‘course’ of your spirit.  You have no control of what they might take from or leave there, so it really works in your favor to choose your partners wisely.  

And on this episode, we are chatting with the Mother of Liberation about the sacred sexuality impact not only on your spirit, but on your wallet as well!

Before we dive in, thank you for having the bravery to face your shit and heal yourself.  

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So who am I and why did I decide to create this show? Well, after unraveling all of the medical & pharmaceutical lies I had been told about my endometriosis, I educated myself, and I was able to heal myself after 17 years of debilitating pain.

My experience inspired me to actually live my art, so I created an ongoing art series about it called, Every Phase––where I powerfully illustrate how I healed myself as I live by the phases of the female hormonal cycle. The artwork shows what's happening in the brain and the body during each phase and reveals how to biohack & leverage this energy in your life. 

I am actually living the art, so it's about more than just healing. The writing and art discuss truth, freedom & our current financial & healthcare system slavery–and the way out.  Learn more by subscribing at

While you’re there, check out my $50 Limited Edition Bite Size Art Acrylic Block pieces capturing all of the images from the Every Phase Series + be sure to pick up a signed copy of my award-winning augmented Reality (AR) interactive book, Face Your Shit, Heal Yourself.

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Contact them today with this link and explore the endless possibilities of publishing your own art book.

So all of that to say, even though I was lied to for years by big pharma, I was able to find experts who helped me achieve the impossible. This space introduces them to you.

Today we are chatting with Healer & best-selling author of The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment,  Jaitara Jayde. 

Her book has been endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements; and the author of the quiz and book titled: Your Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity™ Archetypes. 

She has transcended decades of her own inner journey helping thousands of participants and clients through healing, breakthroughs, and transformation. She brings the wisdom of a sage, the love of a mother, a playful spirit, and a sister's embrace. 

She guides women to embody soul-fulfilling, spiritually aligned pleasure and prosperity that is rooted in absolute clearing and liberation of the sexual wound imprint — no matter what other methods you’ve tried. She does this through her unique healing methods, online programs, and retreats.  

Jaitara is a certified Compassion Key® Master Practitioner/Teacher, Holistic Rebirther, Reiki Master Teacher, and facilitator of transformational dance. 

Connect with her on her website...

Jaitara's Website @jaitara.jayde on Instagram Jaitara's Facebook page Jaitara's Facebook group

Jaitara's gift to us...

Sacred Pleasure & Prosperity Archetype Quiz & Clearing - use code SACREDPLEASUREGIFT to get it for free, just for listening to this show!


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#1 07:21 The story behind the name

#2 10:51 Sexual Wound Healing with Breathwork + Compassion Key

#3 17:17 Pleasure & Prosperity Link

#4 27:05 Sicily Pleasure & Prosperity Retreat

#5 27:05 The dance of the codependent & narcissist

#6 34:39 Pleasure Prosperity Archetype Quiz

#7 37:01 The 4 Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment

#8 46:07 Why Sexuality is Sacred

#9 49:53 Biohacking with Art - Creating Sacred Sexuality

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