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Episode 6: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Episode 630th April 2021 • JOLLYLAND • Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers
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Emily and Henry Baker adjust to their new lives alongside Melody and Sebastian.

Gracie and Amanda become closer friends while Marky and Gracie begin to drift apart.

Stacie takes Becky’s advice to go to Cindy’s work to get Marlene’s number.

Wesley Bronson makes an appearance, while Hans continues to take matters into his own hands.

This episode’s themes are: happiness, revival and time running out.

What will happen next? Find out on our next episode of JOLLYLAND -- Available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Narration by PinkIceDiamond 

JOLLYLAND is a fictional-fantasy Christmas tale inspired by the legend of Krampus.

Written by Marc Shawn & The Vocalizers 

Produced & Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano 

Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Katz and Emi James.

Sponsored by Children’s Business Fair

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