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Nutrition, Psychedelics and Addiction Recovery with Jen Bruce
Episode 87th February 2022 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Jen is a functional nutritionist who is passionate about healing the body within addiction recovery by teaching people to use nutrition, lifestyle changes, and alternative medicines to address chronic stress, mood swings, fatigue, chronic pain, and more. She believes having a healthy brain is the first step in having a healthy mind. 

When Jen got sober in 2011, she felt like a trainwreck. While she was sober, which was certainly a plus, she was still riddled with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and a caffeine addiction. She “wanted more for [her] recovery”. She wanted to actually enjoy her life. “Just not drinking” wasn’t a life she wanted to live.

This is when Jen decided to go on a holistic health mission to find answers for herself and others struggling like her. 

She founded Roots Recovery Clinic and helps people level up their recovery “so that the best days of [their] lives can be after [their] addiction is over”. 

In our conversation today, we talk about what is missing from addiction recovery, what’s holding the addiction recovery field back from making progress, how chronic stress and trauma have cascading effects, and utilizing plant medicines for healing.

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