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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 76, 13th December 2020
Healing Through Color!

Healing Through Color!

Jean Ann Allen has been doing healing work for over 30 years and she continues to learn new modalities. Aside from color healing, Jean also practices acupuncture, different forms of massage, sound healing, native American healing, animal communication, crystal healing, and much more! 

After college and receiving her degree in music, Jean headed to Los Angeles, determined to be on stage. But when she got to LA and saw the jealousy and competitiveness going on, she knew that wasn’t the life for her. She began to follow the Divine Breadcrumbs of what interested her.  

After getting injured in a yoga class, a friend recommended acupuncture. She was hooked and, even though she had always thought she didn’t want to go back to school, she went to get her master’s degree and started her own practice. 

But her music degree was about to be dusted off because she soon met a man from France who taught her about sound and color frequency healing.

We had a chance to meet Jean prior to this show and as soon as we entered the Zoom room, Jean was singing and making us laugh—the best energy!  

Sit back and enjoy as we talk with Jean about her ability to heal animals as a child, the science behind color healing, and more! Jean even gifts all of us with a beautiful meditation and healing – it begins at approximately 29:40.

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