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Dr. Madiha Saeed: Holsitic Mom, MD
25th February 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Madiha Saeed, MD, also known as HolisticMom, MD on social media, is a practicing board certified family physician in the USA, health influencer, international speaker and a best-selling author. Her best-selling book The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease, a best-selling children’s book series, Adam’s Healing Adventures, two international books and currently working on The Holistic Rx for Kids: Parenting Healthy Children to Save Our Future, empowering the world towards healthier living.  

Dr Saeed is the director of education for Documenting Hope and KnoWEwell. She sits on multiple medical advisory boards including, Mamapotamous and Wellness Mama, who was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and wellness. Dr Saeed and her children speak internationally in the most prestigious holistic conferences, summits, radio and newspaper. She is a regular on the international Emmy winning medical talk show the Dr. Nandi Show.  

Dr Saeed's children host "The Holistic Kids' Show" podcast, interviewing the biggest names in the functional, holistic and integrative medicine world, helping kids empower and educate other kids. They speak internationally, igniting the world with their energy and passion to ignite a healing revolution to save our future.  

4:04 Dr. Saeed's life events that led to her current work.

11:03 How to treat people across the world with unique physical, genetic and environmental health challenges?

13:22 The power of gratitude and positivity to accelerate healing and improve wellbeing.

17:14 Sleep and its relationship to inflammation and illness.

17:54 Insights on managing stress.   

19:00 Digestive health and detoxification.

21:49 Dr. Saeed's personal approaches to whole-family health.

24:17 Optimizing your genes through healthy lifestyle choices.

31:31 The benefits of practicing gratitude with our children.

33:06 Dr. Saeed's upcoming book: "The Healing Power of Rainbow Foods.”

35:25 How to educate our kids to make healthy, informed lifestyle choices.

40:28 Dr. Saeed's perspectives on autism: prevention, solutions, and relationship to lifestyle choices.

44:53 Conclusion and summary.

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