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Episode 200: We've Come A Long Way ... and Good Bye Dan!
Episode 2005th June 2012 • The Australia Desk • Southern Skies Media
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It's a momentous day as we're recording what we *think* is our 146th Australia Desk segment. Apparently it's also a big number for the Airplane Geeks - something about a double century? Must be a cricket score!

Meanwhile, we're joined by ATC_Ben who's managed to stay out of the news in his job but is able to tell us about his view of the 787 when it visited Melbourne last week: a fast moving blip :)

First up, Steve posts a correction on the distribution of 787 airframes between Qantas & Jetstar. It's all Grant's fault of course so he's going to fall on his sword but only after we've reviewed these stories:

  • Air India doesn't want to accept its 787s until Boeing pays them up to a billion dollars which means we may not be seeing commercial 787s in our skies as soon as we'd hoped
  • Continental United were going to be flying a 787 direct for Houston to Auckland but have cancelled the route before it even started, meaning yet another commercial 787 won't be seen in southern skies
  • Qantas are going to update their uniforms with an Australian designer who lives in Paris

We then round out this segment with our congratulations to the Airplane Geeks for making it to 200 episodes. Fantastic effort, guys!

We also have a listen to how the AusDesk sounded way back in 2009. EEeeeewwwwww!!!!

Finally, we say Thanks & Good bye to Dan as this is his final episode with the Geeks. So long "seatpitch" & good luck.





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