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Design the Life of Your Dreams with Steve Cavanaugh
22nd July 2021 • The Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast • By Russ Morgan & Joey Muré
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#199: How do you measure success? Many people pursue financial wealth, thinking that it will reward them with everything they desire. But money is not always the answer. What we should aim for is to become more than just a success by the world's standards. "More than a millionaire, what we really want is to become a Lifeonaire."

Today’s guest is someone who lives life on vacation while operating his Maryland businesses remotely from Palm Beach, FL. Tune in to hear the story of Steve Cavanaugh, a real estate investor who has sold over 80 Million Dollars’ worth of property. Together with Alex Pardo, Steve co-founded a mastermind and coaching group called Ascend. 

Top 3 Things You'll Learn: 

  1. It is possible to design the life you want to live
  2. Living a fulfilling life means helping others and nurturing relationships
  3. Having a vision is crucial for living your dream lifestyle




About Our Guest:

Steve Cavanaugh has been investing in real estate since 2003. He owns Southern Maryland Home Buyers Inc. He successfully ran a mentoring program and investment consulting business through which he and his student partners sold more than $80MM+ in real estate projects over the past 15 years. His students enjoyed a near 100% success rate. As a result, several of Steve’s students quit their full-time jobs to pursue a full-time REI career.

In 2019, Steve and his good friend, REI podcaster Alex Pardo, formed a unique hybrid coaching/mastermind group called ASCEND, an exclusive community of like-minded successful investors and entrepreneurs. Since its inception, ASCEND members have been able to partner on profitable deals while forming life-long friendships.

Connect with Steve: