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395 | You Get What You Tolerate
Episode 39529th April 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In this episode, Cayla gets vulnerable with a story that hasn’t ever been shared with the public. You’ll hear all about a mistake she made that could have cost her everything. By feeding her ego, reinforcing false and limiting beliefs, and breaking her heart, this mistake could have taken Cayla out of the game. 

Listen as she describes what happened and how she didn’t let her availability get the best of her. Through this experience, Cayla learned that this happened to her because she was available for it. What are you available for in your life that is holding you back? Learn how to gain clarity on what you are available for and change your availability to avoid an incident like this.

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You will learn:

  • [2:40] - Cayla has never shared this content publicly ever.
  • [3:38] - In 2019, Cayla hosted a group mastermind but made a mistake.
  • [4:41] - Towards the end of the mastermind, she started to see issues and was threatened to be sued.
  • [5:50] - Cayla was available for betrayal at that time. It broke her heart and it could have taken her out of the business.
  • [7:28] - This experience helped her gain true clarity.
  • [8:08] - The false belief that Cayla can’t trust other women was reinforced.
  • [9:53] - Cayla describes a coping mechanism that fed her ego.
  • [11:01] - She changed her availability to be for loving women who have servant hearts.
  • [12:09] - Gain clarity on what you do not want to be available for.
  • [12:50] - Find where you are letting your ego take over your business.

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