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Advisory as a Differentiator for Accounting Firms
Episode 5519th June 2019 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Sara Lewis is the Communications Director for IRIS Software Group and is responsible audience engagement across its accountancy, HR and education sectors. Her background is in technology public relations, delivering essential and successful communications campaigns to directly support business and marketing objectives. Shownotes:

  • What attracted Sara to work for IRIS and the kind of people she works with
  • IRIS has been in accounting for 40 years and has software solutions for the HR and education sectors
  • While compliance is the core offering for IIRIS, they offer much in the advisory space for accountants
  • Accountants need the very best insights possible to really help their clients with advisory
  • The importance for IRIS of sharing stories that will resonate with accountancy professionals
  • The Iris strategy for success – a blend of acquisitions and organic growth
  • Many accounting practices are looking to nail MTD and then push for growth
  • The best accountants offer rock solid advice to clients that positions them as an advisor, not a mere supplier
  • The first steps in advisory for accountants wanting to get started
  • The importance for accountants of really getting to know clients rather than see them as a database to be serviced
  • When accountant productise their services, they can best deliver value to their clients
  • Accountants should be having conversations with clients about personal as well as commercial stuff
  • Many accountants struggle to step out of the comfort zone that is basic accounting
  • The real buzz in advisory is being able to make a difference to another business
  • The importance of a team approach in managing clients day to day and offering strategic consulting
  • Why accountants struggle to see advisory as valuable, and thus don’t feel comfortable charging for it
  • What the exceptional accounting people do that the rest don’t
  • Pushing yourself to get better and challenge the status quo is what avoids complacency in any industry
  • We are on the cusp of using artificial intelligence really well
  • You can’t build a strong advisory based accounting practice without having the right people in place
  • Not every accountant is a natural consultant or advisor, but almost all can be trained and coached to do it better
  • IRIS helps accountants obtain the best intelligence and insights from the data available
  • The best accountancy professionals are data story-tellers
  • Iris are as much about the education as the software itself in getting firms to adopt and integrate it into their firms
  • The future of the accounting profession will be vibrant and varied, with many kinds of firms and approaches
  • Accountants – approach everything with passionate authenticity and do the very best for your clients.

Sara Lewis of Iris on the BD Academy Accounting Influencers podcast with Rob Brown

When not working, Sara runs her local amateur dramatics society, directing pantomimes, plays and murder mystery evenings. She is also involved in organising her parish fete. She loves walking in the Cotswolds and was part of the first choir in the world to sing in Les Invalides in Paris. She’s had tea in the Cabinet Office and once spent a month volunteering for a charity in Phnom Pen, Cambodia. Contact Sara directly:

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