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Dr. Steven Lin - Nutrition and Dental Health
Episode 1511th April 2023 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“Why Are Kids' Teeth Decaying at the Rates They Are? I Wasn’t Convinced with the Answers.”

Does mouth breathing change your face? It certainly can. In the latest episode of the Oxygen Advantage® Podcast, Patrick McKeown speaks to Australian dentist, author and nutrition specialist, Dr. Steven Lin.  

Dr. Lin is one of the leading voices in dentistry, calling for changes to our nutrition and breathing in a bid to prevent against a wide variety of ill effects such as crooked teeth, stunted facial development and narrow airways. A number of years ago during a break from dentistry, on a trip through Turkey, Dr. Lin discovered the 1939 book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by fellow dentist Weston A. Price.

Examining many traditional communities around the world, like islanders from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, the book looked and how changes from ancestral diets of grains, fresh meat and vegetables to diets including refined sugar, preserves and chocolate lead to a rise in crooked teeth, receding jaws and other dental and facial development issues.

Having not previously considered the way nutrition could affect our physical development, Dr. Lin started investigating it himself. His research on nutrition and its effects on the development of our teeth, face, jaws and overall health, lead to the publication of his book The Dental Diet in 2018.

While Dr. Lin admits that much of the dental establishment has been slow to adopt preventative measures like nose breathing, he says the knowledge is out there. He notes that facial development was studied in dentistry in the 1800s but much of that was discarded at the turn of the 20th century. He also says that currently, the diagnostic systems are just not in place in dentistry, and that kind of change will take time, but is happening.

This episode of the podcast is hugely enlightening for those worried about things like preventing mouth breather face or for those interested in things like breathing for asthma, breathing for sleep apnea and the impact of mouth breathing on dental health.

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