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How to Work From Home as a Couple, with Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin, Ep. 70
Episode 708th October 2021 • Yes, I Work From Home • April K Malone
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Christy Olsen and Kevin McLauchlin are the founders and managers of Cadence SEO, a search engine optimization and marketing company based out of the Phoenix East Valley in Gilbert, Arizona. They have a growing remote team and have chosen to attract high-quality W2 employees by offering competitive benefits including health, dental, and even a gym membership with the added bonus of allowing their employees a flexible work schedule. This is a somewhat unique approach for a company of their size, as a lot of similar companies might hire independent contractors; but Cadence SEO wanted to attract the best of the best workers and offer some of the same types of benefits employees might receive at a larger corporation.

In this episode, Christy and Kevin talk about how they set their own space and time boundaries to work on managing their work-life balance. As a married couple with different work roles, personalities, and habits, they work as a team but have opted to keep separate work spaces so that they can conduct client consults without disturbing each other. Kevin moved out of the bedroom home office as he found himself grabbing the laptop and starting on work even before getting up for the day. Christy stays at a desk in the bedroom but chooses to not answer emails outside of her working hours which are 7am-3pm. Between the two of them, they have 6 children, 4 dogs, and 2 cats; so they also have a lot of family and household responsibilities. However, now that they have a new driver, they are enjoying the luxury of not having to run the kids to school and can focus more time toward their business and athletic ventures. Christy is a triathlon athlete, and Mark is an ultra runner. The idea of finding a great cadence, like in a run, helped influence the name of their company; and they have found that talking about their hobbies and even displaying Christy's bike in the background of her calls has helped them to be more relatable and build relationship with their clients.


At this point, Christy and Kevin are the face of the company, meeting with their clients virtually, and their team works with them on the more technical skills in the background. Christy describes herself as the digital strategy architect, managing member, and account manager, and Kevin has several overlapping roles and skills of his own. As they grow and scale, they are on the lookout for team members who truly care about the people who are their clients who might be able to take on more of the sales responsibilities. 

If you would like to reach out to Kevin and/or Christy at Cadence SEO, you can find them in the following places:



Christy @ cadenceseo . com

Kevin @ cadenceseo . com


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