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244 | How Becca Pike built a 7-Figure Brick & Mortar Business
Episode 24428th March 2023 • The Alchemized Life • Ava Johanna
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In today's episode, Becca Pike joins me for a conversation on starting and scaling her brick and mortar massage therapy businesses into multi 7-figures and multiple locations throughout Lexington, Kentucky.

We talk about:

  • How she transitioned from working in the food and beverage industry to creating her own company renting a one room studio that is now two thriving locations with a 30 employee staff
  • Her perspective on debt and investing at the beginning to start your business
  • The three KEY personality traits you need to have to build a thriving business
  • How she took her skills of in person and brick and mortar business building into her now multiple 6-figure online coaching business

and so much more!

Becca Pike is a wife and mom of 4 young kids as well as an avid athlete and wine lover.  At age 25, Becca found herself still bartending and scraping pennies together to sustain her less-than-exciting lifestyle of non-stop double shifts and restaurant over-time. After hitting an emotional and financial rock bottom, Becca turned a new leaf and dove head first into learning everything she could about business-owning. 7 years later, she finds herself the owner and founder of a 7-figure/30-employee service-based business as well as the Owner/Founder of a multiple six figure online business-coaching company. She resides in her dream home in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, Mark, and children.

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Instagram: 1beccapike


Podcast: The Hell Yes Entrepreneur

Facebook: 1beccapike

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