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Why Nearly Punching A Buddhist Monk Was A Pivotal Point On My Imposter Syndrome Journey [Episode 017]
Episode 1717th November 2021 • Ditching Imposter Syndrome • Clare Josa
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My Imposter Syndrome journey started in earnest once I realised that the myriad of resources at my fingertips due to being a certified NLP Trainer weren't enough to deal with it. And that lightbulb happened the day I nearly punched a Buddhist monk.

Today's Ditching Imposter Syndrome podcast episode is for you if you've ever found yourself stuck on the emotional rollercoaster, feeling frustrated with people who talk about their 'inner still point', desperately wondering how to get your thoughts back under control.

In it, we'll explore the little-known reason why we get stuck in a particular emotion for hours, days, weeks or even months, the real reason why life can feel so tough at times, and how to take back control of your self-talk, even if it feels totally random.

Here's What We'll Cover About The Start Point For Your Imposter Syndrome Journey

  • Why we can get stuck in a particular emotion for days, weeks, months or even years
  • How the emotional rollercoaster is connected with our self-talk - and why that's not as random as we might think
  • The real reason why things can feel so tough - and the biggest mistake most of us are making to try to deal with it
  • The impact this has for Imposter Syndrome
  • How to let go of our thoughts and even retrain your brain to become your biggest cheerleader

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