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Trailer16th June 2020 • Way of the Emotional Warrior • Kai Ehnes
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Welcome to The Way of the Emotional Warrior. This weekly show is dedicated to help you master your emotions. We will bring you cutting edge neuroscience blended with old school wisdom.

I’m you host, Kai Ehnes.

I am a veteran educator, Co-founder of The Way of the Emotional Warrior and the CEO of Kai-Zen Consciousness.

This short form show typically runs from 8 to 15 minutes and releases every Wednesday.

Usually a solo show but every now and then I’ll feature experts in the field of emotional mastery, eastern and western medicine, as well as, amazing people who have just figured it out.

I can’t wait for you to join me here on The Way of the Emotional Warrior.

Remember to tell all your podcasting friends that the show is available to listen to for free in any app that supports podcasts.

And as you go and dive into the episodes never forget that the more you expect from yourself the more you will learn how to master and harness the energy of your e-motions to regain our power, vitality, confidence and quality of life.