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Navigating Family Dynamics Pre & Post Divorce
Episode 6223rd November 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Navigating emotional situations can be hard to handle if you don't know what you are doing and can even cause serious damage to the family relationship. In this episode of Empowered AF, Mark is introduced to you and the thrive program by fellow coach Kevin, to answer some personal questions from the group. Mark covers topics such as dealing with kids acting out, how to avoid accidentally manipulating your children and how to identify ways to be a safe place for your children.

“Appropriate language is key.”

 - Mark Santiago

In This Episode: 

- Mark recounts the experience of his daughter opening up for the first time about his behavior during the divorce (Listen Here)

- Mark dives into “co-dependence” and how you may be trying to WIN the argument between you and your wife, through your child. This become unconscious manipulation over your children rather than owning your shit

- How to handle situations when your wife and your children have conflict, and you need to be neutral to it

- How to motivate your children to express their emotions to you in a healthy way

And much more…

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