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28: Interview with Shimon Pepper Professional Fundraiser
29th November 2015 • The Frum Entrepreneur • Nachum Kligman
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Have you ever raised $15,000,000 in a 10 minute phone call? In this episode we learn all about the business of non-profit fundraising and management. With over 40 years of experience under his belt, Shimon shares with us some of his fantastic stories and teaches what some of the secrets of success in fundraising are. Does he feel it is ok for fundraisers to take a commission? How much is an acceptable overhead for a non-profit? He has raised tens of millions of dollars for his clients over the years including Lev LaLev, The UJA, Library of the Holocaust & The Koby Mandell Foundation.

Name: Shimon H. Pepper

Company: Shimon H. Pepper & Associates

LinkedIn: Shimon on LinkedIn

Shimon Pepper



Chanan Kaufman Episode 25

The Jewish Federations

Providence Hebrew Day School

Brown University

University of Massachusetts

Hebrew University

Shema Yisrael Yeshiva

Ohr Somayach

Aish HaTorah

Federation of Baltimore

Operation Exodus – Raised $910,000,000

Lev LaLev

The Manna Project

Jewish Children’s Museum

The Koby Mandell Foundation

Seth Mandell

Todd Sukol

Sherri Mandell


Asking By: Jerold Panas


Mega Gifts By: Jerold Panas

The Tzedakah Treasury

The Tzedakah Treasury By: Avrohom Chaim Feuer



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