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Jeneric Conversations - Jen Amos EPISODE 6, 17th July 2020
006: Networking in "this time of weirdness" with Lori Saitz
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006: Networking in "this time of weirdness" with Lori Saitz

Networking strategist Lori Saitz helps professionals comfortably build relationships that serve your business, so you can serve the world.

This conversation will have you thinking about…

  • What does it really mean to network? Is it about sales? If not, what is it really about?
  • Why are so many of us bad at it?
  • Three steps to effective networking - including the most important step you can take during "this time of weirdness.”

Connect with Lori on LinkedIn @lorisaitz, Facebook & Twitter @zenrabbit, Instagram @zen_rabbit or visit her website https://zenrabbit.com/


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