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TubbTalk 117: How to Grow Your Business in an MSP Community Like Connectwise Evolve
Episode 1174th December 2022 • TubbTalk - The Podcast for IT Consultants • Richard Tubb
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In this interview, Richard talks to Dan Scott, the IT Nation Community Director, EMEA, for ConnectWise. The IT Nation is an MSP community group, brought to you by ConnectWise, the IT software and services company.

IT Nation membership includes conferences, community events, product trainings and more. The supportive community is what really helps MSPs to grow their business and thrive, even in times of uncertainty. This interview was recorded live at the IT Nation Event in Orlando, Florida, in November 2022.

Dan told Richard how IT Nation works and the kinds of events they run, why they’re committed to an open eco-system, and how he got started in the industry. They also discussed ConnectWise Evolve, which was previously part of HTG.

They also discussed why MSPs should embrace peer groups and how the IT Nation groups work. Dan explained the feedback scorecard and how members measure their progress. He also told Richard about how the peer groups work around the world, and what’s coming up next in the event space.

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