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#070 - Hospitality Meets Andrew Coney - The Charismatic Luxury General Manager
Episode 705th May 2021 • Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street • Phil Street
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When I started this humble show, I dreamed of hunting out the characters, the charmers, the ones who put humour at the heart of everything they do.

In the absence of all that, I found today's guest (Jokes).

I got some time with the brilliant and always witty Andrew Coney, General Manager at the beautiful The Hari London (

My word we get through a lot including The view from The Hari, The weather (again), Phil’s Dog, delivering careers talks, early memories of hotels, eccentric Hoteliers, getting rejected, Trust House Forte, making pâté for royalty, kitchen lessons, London, The Algarve, Moving into golf resorts, Northumberland, the angle that grass grows, Instilling pride, making family distance work, opening a hotel in the UK political hub, not taking yourself too seriously, positive stalking, creating moments, the Birth of The Hari, being there for your guest, Mental Health, sarcasm as a legacy, Joe Biden, meeting the queen and so much more.

Andrew places humour firmly at the centre of our chat and it's never too far away. I'm eternally grateful for Andrew's time and energy in this chat.


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