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Breaking Down Barriers in Sport with &Mother Founder and Olympian Alysia Montano
Episode 320th February 2024 • Journey Together • Carrie Tollefson
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Activity and motion has always been a part of Alysia Montano’s life. Even as a young child she was constantly moving and wanted to be allowed to play all the same sports as the boys, while still retaining her femininity. Listen as she shares her story, her Olympic journey, and why she’s committed to changing how the world views motherhood and professional sport. 

Alysia has had a long and storied career, and it all seemed to be going perfectly, until she decided to start a family. It was then that she realized that being a female athlete is a wonderful opportunity, until it isn’t. 

Rather than cave to society’s view of motherhood and professional sports, Alysia is working to create resources and spaces for women to do both. Through &Mother Alysia is taking action because as she says, “I can be a champion and a mother.” 

Her story is truly fascinating. She’s even competed twice while significantly pregnant and using those experiences to show that women are capable of so much and mother their children. 

Listen as Alysia shares her advice for youth sport moms and her thoughts on the direction of youth sports today. She has so many amazing thoughts for girls in youth sports but also for youth sport athletes in general. We’re looking forward to seeing all that she does for women in sports.  

In this episode:

[00:25] Learn about Alysia’s accomplishments and what she’s up to these days. 

[03:13] Alysia provides her background on how she got into sport and her Olympic journey. 

[06:01] It has always been so important to assert her femininity in sport. 

[06:41] How did the flower in her hair get started? 

[08:36] Her and her husband always strive to lead with love and remember that they’re part of a team. 

[09:50] Alysia shares her thoughts on how youth sports is changing and what she plans to do with her kids. 

[13:24] Did she plan to continue competing once she became a parent? 

[19:41] Learn about &Mother and Alysia’s dreams for this organization. 

[22:15] Hear Alysia’s advice to moms who are working to raise their own youth athletes. 

[23:04] What’s next for Alysia? 

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