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A Conversation with Brett Hampson
Episode 1715th April 2021 • Building Teams with TEAMES & CO • TEAMES&CO
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In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Brett Hampson, a Finance leader at a Fortune 100 company. Brett is an experienced Finance leader, with extensive knowledge about leading teams and executing on results.  Brett and Tracy speak about how to set expectations with your team, support them through change like working from home, and how he is changing the way he plans with his team to be more agile to future change. 

Show Highlights 

  1. What are the attributes that successful and empowered teams share? (4:15)
  2. Managing Expectations in the Real World (10:38)
  3. How to internal-facing teams connect with their internal customers as well as the external customer (17:40)
  4. Virtual Team Tip: How do you manage adding a team member, on-boarding, goal setting with Virtual Team members (27:19)

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