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Get Messy Podcast - Caylee Grey EPISODE 5, 7th November 2019
How to Art with Intention with Amy Maricle
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How to Art with Intention with Amy Maricle

"The only bad art is the art you don't make" - Amy Maricle

In this podcast, I chat to Amy Maricle about art with intention. Amy shares some of her most profound views on how to become more aware and intentional in your art practice. We discuss what it means to be mindful, how mindfulness changes your art, being zen about thinking big and letting go, the inner critic, Amy's weaknesses, and how to be an artist

As always, Amy is just bursting with insane wisdom.

"Mindfulness is about being aware of what is actually happening in the moment instead of getting caught up in the many things that might be going on inside your brain" - Amy Maricle


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