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The One Where We Discuss How to Recognize When It Is Time To Leave An SEO Job With Kavi Kardos
Episode 714th November 2023 • WTSPodcast • Isaline & Areej
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Kavi Kardos is an altruistic SEO evangelist with nine years’ experience leading organic search strategy for top companies in entertainment, cybersecurity, education, and beyond. A former Mozzer, she is the creator of Moz Academy’s Technical SEO Certification and a contributor to Whiteboard Friday and the Professional's Guide to SEO. Kavi is currently Director of SEO at Uproer. When she’s not obsessing over spreadsheets, Kavi can be found hosting pub quizzes for Geeks Who Drink or watching baseball with a good drink in hand. In this episode, she discusses how to recognize toxicity in the workplace and know when it's time to leave an SEO job. SEOs often find themselves isolated at work, functioning as a team of one and/or reporting to stakeholders who don't fully understand and support their goals. She shares how she learned to recognize the difference between constructive and non-constructive feedback, how to take accountability for failure while keeping mental health a priority, and the lessons she has taken from her experiences into managing a team herself. She would like her WTS episode to serve as encouragement and empowerment for anyone in a bad environment to advocate for themselves and find the work that brings them fulfilment. We also find out what inspires Kavi and what empowers her to be the brilliant woman she is today.

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