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How to Write a High-Converting Sign-up Page for Your Email Newsletter
15th February 2016 • Hit Publish • Rainmaker.FM
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On this week s episode we re going to look at how to craft a high-converting sign-up page for your email newsletter. You re going to hear tips from conversion experts as well as a Hit Publish Proof segment from someone whose sign-up page converts 15-20 new sign-ups every day.

For most small to medium online businesses, adding around 100 new people every week into an audience you have direct access to would be valuable. So let s not hang about shall we?

In this episode we re asking: What do you promise or talk about so your prospect things yes – I need to be on this list ? Because face it, very few of us wake up wanting to be on a list, but most of us are willing and happy to hand over our emails if we re getting something great in return.

Tune in to find out …

  • The 3 questions you need to ask to know what your potential sign-up is thinking and feeling
  • Why you shouldn t be offering free updates (and how to describe the kick instead)
  • What Jon Nastor does to turn a warm crowd into one that can t wait to sign-up
  • How Andrea Vahl used feedback on a popular blog-post to create a quick and persuasive sign-up incentive

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