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The FreedomGirl Sisterhood - Your Freedom Coach Dawn Scott EPISODE 15, 10th August 2020
Traits of a Toxic Relationship
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Traits of a Toxic Relationship

Your Freedom Coach, Dawn Scott Damon and the sisterhood discuss what a toxic relationship looks like, feels like, and behaves like. You'll learn the traits and the warning signs in this intriguing episode.

Dawn's Newest Book:

The Freedom Challenge: 60 days to Untie the Cords that Bind You

The Freedom Challenge is about ridding your mind and soul of toxic, negative, and destructive thoughts that keep you captive and create destructive behavior. By 60 days in daily immersion of truth—God’s Word, your mind will begin to find freedom from the harmful internal narration and instead begin to speak nourishing, inspiring, and motivating truths. You’ll find freedom and powerful life changes as you your mind is freed from thought-toxins.