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See Issue X (Back Matter) w/ Connor Goldsmith
Episode 321st March 2023 • Team-Up Moves • Fiona Hopkins and Stephanie Burt
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We played See Issue X and now it’s time to talk about it! We’re joined by our special guest, Connor Goldsmith of the Cerebro podcast, to learn about his history with comics and TTRPGs, and then dig in to what makes See Issue X tick and what it says about superhero stories.

Find out more about See Issue X, by Chris Longhurst, at

Back Issues

  • Uncanny X-Men 129-137 (1979-80), The Dark Phoenix Saga, by Chris Claremont and John Byrne
  • Uncanny X-Men 168-176 (1983-84), collected as “From the Ashes,” by Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, and John Romita, Jr.
  • Inferno (1988-89), the mammoth crossover event involving New Mutants, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men and the X-Terminators miniseries, plus other titles, written by Louise Simonson and Chris Claremont and drawn by many hands, including Bret Blevins, John Bogdanove, Marc Silvestri, and Walt Simonson. (Just look up “Inferno reading order” and follow directions. For example, It’s a lot but it’s worth it. —S)
  • Dr. Fate: Countdown to Mystery (2007-2008), written by Steve Gerber and others, art by Justiniano and others.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015–2019) #47–50, written by Ryan North, art by Derek Charm.

The Cast

Connor Goldsmith (he/him, @dreamoforgonon) — Charlotte Bishop (“The Sibyl”)

Stephanie Burt (she/her, @accommodatingly/ — Maggie Cone (“Chimera”)

Fiona Hopkins (she/her, @fionawhim/ — Facilitator

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