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6. Vaginas, Vulvas and Vibrators
Episode 631st July 2021 • The Orgasm Coach • Michael Charming
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Welcome to another episode of The Orgasm Coach brought to you by Charming Love. I am your host, Michael Charming, The Orgasm Coach, Sexual Healer, Relationship Expert, Bodyworker and Author and this is the podcast for experts where we help people to liberate their sex and orgasm and transform the relationship and life towards happiness, bliss and pleasure. If you would like understand deeper meaning of human body and learn how to have more orgasms in your life, then check out my book, Amplify Your Orgasm. It's for both women and men and offer practical tips on who all of us can have more of what we desire rather than spending a large part of our lives running around it.

Our today's guest is Jordan D’Nelle is a Physician Assistant, Women’s Sexual Health Educator and Intimacy Coach. She is the founder of the Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators Podcast. Her goal is to raise awareness about conditions, sexual intimacy, and relationships questions, that specifically affect women. She wants to help normalize women’s health and create a safe space for women to feel validated. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and multiple podcasts.

Do check out her podcast, Vaginas, Vulvas and Vibrators and her upcoming course, Manifest Your Man which is a 6 week program focused on reclaiming confidence in and out of the bedroom.

In this show some of the aspects covered are:

  • Find out the difference between vagina and vulva
  • What does intimacy mean and the areas where women struggle with intimacy?
  • What are the best lube for vaginal and anal sex?
  • Do all women like anal sex and the steps men can take to make her feel comfortable?
  • Are vibrators important and can couples use them during physical intimacy?
  • How can women deal with emotional void as a result of use of vibrators?

To find out more about Jordan work contact her through her website or through Instagram. Do tell her what you think of the episode and reach out to her for anything that you feel would be helpful.

To find out more about our work or for any questions, information, feedback contact us through our website or through Instagram. To know more about orgasm, get a copy of your book, Amplify Your Orgasm

We are all here to help.

Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.