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The Surprising Irish Origin of 2 Racing Legends (#829)
Episode 2920th July 2023 • The Letter from Ireland Podcast • Mike Collins
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In this episode we look at two different Irish races - one from the 18th century and one from the early 20th century. Our first story charts the origins of that iconic horserace - the Steeplechase - between two towns in County Cork.

We then go on to look at an early motorcar road race that took place in Ireland in 1903 and gave rise to the iconic colour of British Race motoring - "British Racing Green" - which was not actually British in origin at all!.

We also have some Irish sporting music to help us along the way. I do hope you enjoy!

Music featured in this episode:

  • "The Steeplechase" performed by James Keane.
  • "Chasing the Fox" performed by The Chieftains.
  • "The Gordon Bennett Race" performed by Richie Kavanagh.

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