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Lucy Byram: Meet the up and coming British pro
Episode 17122nd March 2023 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Lucy Byram is a young British professional middle distance triathlete from Yorkshire. She got into sport from a young age, doing everything from gymnastics to football but it was running and triathlon that she and her twin sister really loved. It was when she went to University in Leeds that she really threw herself into triathlon. She progressed through the squads while she was doing her Law degree and concentrated on short course racing. It was only in 2021 when she entered the British Middle Distance championships, and won, that she decided to get her pro card.

You'll hear:

22:00 About her sporty childhood and doing lots of sport with her twin sister and why they were so encouraging of each other.

23:00 Talks about the influence 2012 Olympian Lucy Hall had on Lucy and her sister.

26:30 The decision of going to Leeds was a big factor in choosing to go to Leeds Beckett Uni. We talk about what it's like being part of the triathlon scene in Leeds.

28:30 Why she lacks a bit of self belief with her triathlon.

29:30 Juggling a degree in Law with doing triathlon at a high level at University.

31:00 Why she decided to give professional racing a go after winning the British Middle Distance Championships in 2021 and then trying to race as much as possible in 2022 to gain experience. She talks about how Lucy Hall took her under her wing.

34:30 What happened at Challenge Wales when Lucy stopped to help a male competitor... And still went on to win.

36:30 How the rest of her 2022 panned out

40:00 We talk about nerves and competitiveness and the atmosphere on a start line.

43:30 Triathlon in Yorkshire, what is it like and why is it such a good place to live and train?

45:00 Does she work as well as train? How does she make it work financially? And what are her hopes for 2023?

46:30 Why she still wants to learn more about racing and why she's trying to figure it out.

48:30 Why she finds trying to make a living the hardest part about being a professional triathlete.

50:30 Is Ironman on the cards at some point?

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