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Being Positive in Sales Despite its Volatility with Lori Dunn
Episode 8819th October 2022 • Transformed Sales • Wesleyne
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  • [01:09] - Shifting away from wanting to be a teacher and how volunteering with the Peace Corps led her towards a career in sales.
  • [07:02] - Why you should have competency overconfidence.
  • [09:20] - The challenge she had to overcome when she started out in sales. 
  • [13:12] - Identifying if you’re in a toxic work environment.
  • [15:20] - The importance of investing in coaching and personal development.
  • [17:16] - From an individual contributor to a front-line leader.
  • [20:52] - Tapping a high level of positivity despite the volatility of sales.
  • [25:05] - Difficulties that come with being a woman in sales.
  • [30:38] - The key to her success as a sales leader.

In this episode of the Transformed Sales Podcast, I had a chat with another fantastic woman in sales, Lori Dunn. Lori is the Chief Operating Officer of Optimus Technologies, Inc, a clean energy technology company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a recognized leader in climate sales and growth. She consults with early-stage climatetech startups on their go-to-market strategies. She has worked with established companies and franchises to manage and reduce electric costs with smart energy platforms and demand response. The winner of a Factor8 award in Sales Leadership, Lori has a passion for developing and mentoring revenue talent. 

During her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Lori secured an $8M grant to spur economic development for her host community. She holds a BA from California State University-Fullerton and an M. A. in Sustainability and M. A. in Conflict from the Heller School at Brandeis University. Lori and I will dive into her successful career in sales, the challenges of being a woman in sales and how to overcome them, what effective sales leadership should look like, and so much more. It’s going to be a super inspiring one, so don’t miss out.


“You gotta build your competence before you wreck your confidence” - Lori Dunn

“Learning the language of your prospect is critically important” - Lori Dunn

“When you’re coming into a selling environment that’s more targeted, it’s all about how you focus your efforts in the right way” - Lori Dunn

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