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Episode 63: The Constant Juggle
Episode 6326th April 2021 • The Growth Boss Podcast - Building an eCommerce Business from 0 to 6 Figures • Deirdre Tshien & Bona Rai
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You know what they say...

"The constant juggle is a struggle".


Ok maybe they don't, but I'm now making it a thing! 😅

As women especially, we are constantly juggling all sorts of things - children, our big children (aka husbands), businesses, perhaps a 9-5 as well...

How do we do all of this, manage our time effectively, get things done and still feel sane?

Listen in as we speak to our special guest, Michelle Hougland, who takes us through her experience being a new mom and how she found herself juggling that with finding ways to create a new business, specifically leveraging the reselling strategy on eBay.

Michelle has been a successful online entrepreneur for over 16 years with multiple streams of income.  Through desperation to replace her dental career income years ago, so she could stay home with her newborn, Michelle jumped into her online business with passion and no experience. She quickly learned how to succeed and thrive as an online entrepreneur.

She has taught on many stages, but her favorite platforms were discovered in January 2020, when she launched her You Tube channel: Paladin Global Market and her podcast that followed: Paladin Global Market's Online Business podcast.

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