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Tom Luginbill: PEOPLE build the culture
Episode 13629th May 2020 • Rich Take On Sports • Richmond Weaver
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Show Notes:

  • Recruiting has been a lifeblood for his career so even during the coronavirus pandemic he is still very busy
  • Grew up in San Diego and his dad, Al Luginbill, was a college football coach so he learned the game at an early age and fell in love with sports immediately
  • Fell in love with football because his dad never pushed him into football
  • Didn't have any major offers out of high school so he enrolled at Palomar Junior College and led them to an 11-0 season and the 1993 National Championship
  • Signed with Georgia Tech before eventually transferring to Eastern Kentucky and it was his favorite experience ever playing college football even greater than winning a National Championship at Palomar
  • The two biggest negatives of being a coach's son are that your dad never gets to see you play and the negativity from other people and media towards your dad
  • As a recruiting analyst, you have to know that you can't always be right with your evaluation predictions and you have to ignore the influence of outsiders
  • Biggest thing that he's learned from being around sports his entire life is that people really matter
  • Words of Wisdom from Tom Luginbill (via John Madden):
  • "Tough times don't last but tough people do."
  • "You can't treat everybody the same but you can treat everybody fairly."

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