Roman Dumiak: Collaboration & How it Evolves with Technology
Episode 127th February 2019 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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On DragonSpears first installment of “Innovation and the Digital Enterprise” Shelli Nelson and Patrick Emmons welcome Roman Dumiak to talk about how technology affects collaborative efforts in anything from programming to E-sports to smart speakers. 

Roman Dumiak, who currently works at a small private equity firm giving technical advice on potential clients, previously worked at Allstate Insurance for over 40 years, wearing many hats including software developer, infrastructure handler in database/network, chief architect, and held the position of Director of Technology Innovation for 6 years.

Episode Highlights:

  • [00:51] Introduction to Roman Dumiak
  • [04:20] Scrum vs. Extreme Programming
  • [06:06] Empathy in the recruitment process
  • [10:09] Where the Allstate Innovation Team began and how it grew
  • [16:19] Paired Programming as a valuable asset instead of a waste of resources
  • [19:41] Shift in Programming as isolated work to collaboration
  • [23:23] The approach of an Egalitarian work environment
  • [27:55] Introduction of product managers to Allstate
  • [33:38] Innovation Lab and the Car Sharing Startup
  • [38:10] Alexa and other developments that toe the line of success/failure
  • [43:12] E-Sports and Group Gaming
  • [48:52] Collaboration evolving with technology
  • [50:46] Innovation and Rebuilding

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