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Educating Clients About a Problem They Don't Know They Have With Jim Steinmark
Episode 820th December 2022 • First To Arrive, Last to Leave • Erin Gregor & Courtney Radloff
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When seeking a new business opportunity, Jim Steinmark went to a conference and found a group of people who seemed to be genuinely excited about running their companies. When he wanted to find out more, he discovered that they were all service-based industries in the home sector. They were people like window washers, painters, etc.

Jim was then introduced to new technology in the outdoor washing industry. We all know that we should keep the exteriors of our buildings and homes clean, but most of us think of power washing. Although power washing works when it comes to cleaning, it also removes parts of your outdoor exterior.

Jim decided to start his own company, utilizing existing technology, and Patriot Softwash was born.

Jim shares his journey from corporate to an entrepreneur, and why he wanted to find a new option for launching. He also shares what it was like launching his business in February 2020, and what he had to overcome in order to successfully build his business.

He also talks about moving into new technologies, like drones, and into new sectors, like commercial, and what it means for his business to make these pivots.

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