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Irina Steenbeek: Data lineage from a business perspective
Episode 2531st January 2022 • Discovering Data • Loris Marini
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Lineage is a critical capability, it's complex and expensive so it's really important to know what can go wrong and how to avoid pitfalls to deliver maximum value to the business. Today I am joined by Irina Steenbeek an absolute expert on this topic.

Irina has a lot of experience managing ERP implementations, she is the founder of Data Crossroads and her background spans civil engineering, management, consultancy, and finance. Irina authored more than 60 blog posts in data management and published four books: The Orange Model of Data Management, The Data Management Toolkit, The Data Management Cookbook, and her latest book, Data Lineage from a Business Perspective, which we will talk about today.

This episode is here to give you a solid understanding of what data lineage is and what it isn't, the value, costs, and benefits for your organization, some execution tips and ideas to talk about it with your business stakeholders.


Crash course: How to build a successful data lineage business case?

If you are managing a data linage implementation you might be very familiar with scope creep and issues related to funding and project management. How do you secure the necessary funding, scope and plan the work and craft a solution that delivers business outcomes?

These are hard questions!

The good news is that Irina developed a proven framework over the past 20 years to help you navigate this complexity, and we are partnering to bring you her knowledge and expertise in the form of a crash course. Registrations will open soon, subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.