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#32 What can business learn from an Olympic sports psychology consultant and performance coach?
Episode 3226th May 2021 • The Jonny Ross Audio Experience • Jonny Ross
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Simon coaches genuinely ambitions people, such as CEOs, elite athletes, sports coaches & entrepreneurs, to go beyond ordinary and become exceptional... perhaps even world class.

For over 20 years he has been working with and studying world class performers, teams, leaders and organisations to understand what differentiates the best in the world. I then help you adopt those principles so that you become great too.

Do you feel like there's more to get... like you haven't realised your full potential?

Do you feel like your team isn't delivering it's full potential?

Would you like to become exceptional... even world class, in your field?

Are you serious about becoming the best you can be... knowing that it won't be easy?

He has had the huge pleasure of coaching multiple world-champions, world-record breakers, medal winning Olympians, championship winning teams, plus world-leading businesses, executives and entrepreneurs.

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