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The Right Response with Melissa and Kathryn of the No Grey Zone Podcast
Episode 721st March 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Have you ever given the birds and bee’s conversation? Did you feel like you knew what to say?

Melissa and Kathryn from the No Grey Zone podcast are both prosecutors in a special victims unit. When the courts closed due to COVID-19, they found an opportunity to start something new. To help and serve the victims they fought for before the crime was committed. They are essentially putting themselves out of a job. 

They dive deep into the topic of educating parents on resources to talk to kids about touch, private parts, sex, and other issues.

The conversations that are too taboo to talk about openly and so created a space for parents to learn in the privacy of their own two ears. 

Key Topics:

  • How two legal professionals ended up starting a cause (1:13)
  • Building awareness of a solution parents didn’t know they needed yet (3:43)
  • Ways to teach your kids appropriate language of private areas (6:20)
  • What things ended up being harder once they got started (8:08)
  • Building a feedback loop for a podcast is important, what worked (9:52)
  • Where have you seen the reach of the podcast spread to (10:40)
  • What made RAINE the charity of choice for this episode (11:58)
  • Going from legal professional to podcaster, what hurdles did you find (13:56)
  • Is a partnership with the county government in the future (15:16)

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Charity: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

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