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Chapter 22. Berlin, Lobsters, Valkyries, Minibar Parties.
Episode 2221st September 2020 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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So I happened to mention something about Berlin whilst Ant & I were recording one of the bonus bits of content for the purple patrons.

And it turns out both of us are big fans of the city, so we decided to make it part of a natter that doffed its cap to Marillion, the Europeans and the lyrics to the song of the same name.

And (apropos of a tenuous link) it's a pleasure to be able to introduce you to Dickie Beaumont, V.V Manly and a Wagnerian Valkyrie who used to bounce me on her knee.

No wonder you lot are worried about my health.

Toodle Pip Lobsterbib Lobsterbib...


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