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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 121, 19th February 2019
Do Subscriptions Help Or Hurt Podcasting? [Episode 121]

Do Subscriptions Help Or Hurt Podcasting? [Episode 121]

Subscriptions -- free, mostly -- have been baked into podcasting since the beginning. But back then, there was a big push for "subscribe to my blog". Then Google killed Reader because of poor adoption of the tech.

On this short episode, I'll demonstrate how odd it is to assume a potential listener wants to "eat all the things" made by a producer, and talk about some alternative options that might be more palatable to the needs of the 70% of people who've still yet to make podcasting a part of their daily lives.

This is a continuation on the "future of podcasting" deep dive, which asks more questions than it gives hard answers. So if you like to ponder, listen in.