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We Need to Talk
Episode 6027th July 2022 • How Not to Screw Up Your Kids • Dr Maryhan
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Today’s episode “We Need To Talk’ is all about how we can have meaningful conversations with our children and teens. You know what I mean - conversations which are two-sided, you learn more than you teach, and you feel a connection. Whether that’s talking about big things such as sex, boyfriends and worries or everyday conversations about using their voice, kindness, compassion.

These conversations are probably more important, more impactful, and more character building for our children than any other conversations we have.

Here are the highlights:

(01:07) Pick your moments

(04:00) Chronological vs developmental age

(07:06) You have got to listen!

(08:54) Communication isn’t just words

(12:21) Leave judgment at the door

(15:52) Show empathy

(18:39) Look for opportunities to avoid parenting hell!

(21:33) Whatever you do, do it consistently

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