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335 Academy of Source Based Medicine • M. Brown, W. Ceurvels, E. Even, I. Zavala
Episode 33519th December 2023 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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The vast wealth, and it is a wealth, of writing on Chinese medicine is in Chinese. 

Granted, at this moment in time there is enough material that has made its way into English that you wouldn’t be able to read all of it in one lifetime. That’s far cry from the handful of books of 40 years ago. Still, the history and perspectives that have found their way down to the present in Chinese. It’s like an alternative universe. Maybe several of them.

In this episode with Michael Brown, Will Cerveles, Eran Even, and Ivan Zalava, we have a discussion not just on translation, but more importantly the varied perspectives of practitioners whose work others thought was interesting enough to print and re-print through the decades and even centuries.

These guys are the new wave of practitioner/translators and they are fired up about what they’re discovering. And keen on sharing it with the rest of us.

Listen in for a lively discussion on the perspectives of some doctors you’ll only meet through the written word.