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How To Out Care Your Competition By Developing Your Emotional Intelligence with Phil Johnson #030
Episode 304th May 2023 • The Sales Consultant Podcast • Derrick Williams
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Phil Johnson is the Founder & CEO of Master of Business Leadership Program where he has been helping executives as a leadership coach for over 20 years.

In this episode we talk about the power of emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it has a greater ROI in generating revenue than IQ. 

We talk about “How To Out Care Your Competition By Developing Your Emotional Intelligence”. We even get into topics like energy Physics and The Trust Economy - all of which we tie back to how salespeople and sales leaders can master these areas as a way to drive massive growth.

Phil is literally one of the wisest people I’ve ever met. You’re going to want to playback a lot of the things he says because what he talks about is not only deep but extremely transformative. 

Now, go put your thinking cap on because you're going to need it. 

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[2:00] Phil unpacks the neurochemistry behind a couple quotes he made recently which are: 

a) "We're facing a tsunami of accelerating change with a 500 million year old brain that doesn't like change. And if we don't change our trajectory dramatically through the development of our emotional intelligence, we're going to find it very difficult to survive this century as a species." and 

b) "The development of emotional intelligence enables you to out-care your competition."

[6:47] We talk about how companies are increasingly hiring, developing and promoting based on emotional intelligence (EQ) and how they do this effectively. The key essentially is ensuring hiring managers and interviewers have high EQ. Those with high EQ recognize high EQ.

[9:00] Phil breaks down what he means by, “the development of emotional intelligence is an experiential process not an intellectual process.” He goes on to explain that the process requires us to have a strong connection to our motivation because it will require us to step outside of our comfort zone to do the deep emotional labor needed in order to create change/growth within ourselves. 

[14:10] Phil shares a list of interview questions that hiring managers can use to find people who have already done the emotional labor needed to develop their emotional intelligence. 

[19:35] How energy physics plays a role in emotional intelligence and why it’s critical for people to stop giving away their energy which basically means being controlled by their ego-based fear; caring more about what people think of them than how they feel about themselves.

[26:30] We explore how mastering our energy physics in some ways comes down to being vulnerable and humble. “When you’re vulnerable that’s when you are least vulnerable and when you are least vulnerable that’s when you are most vulnerable.” according to Phil.

[29:00] Phil explains to us how “emotional labor is harder than intellectual labor or physical labor. It’s like Navy Seal training for your emotions.”

[30:30] When people are unwilling to change themselves they often try to use some type of position based power to get other people to change, to control and manipulate others. We talk through what this looks like in an org with a leader or leaders like that.

[34:10] Where Phil stands on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

[38:30] Explains what the Trust Economy is, how vast it is, and your network of trusted advisors is the most important asset that you have,

[46:00] He works with clients around the world and walks us through his executive coaching programs and process.

[48:07] A 40-year study of PhDs at UC Berkeley found that EQ was four times (4x) more powerful than IQ when predicting success.


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