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Ep. 185 Becoming A Powerhouse Entrepreneur & How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids, with Jodie Cook
30th June 2022 • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
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Jodie Cook is a powerhouse entrepreneur and is listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in Europe.

In 2011 she started a digital agency that was acquired in 2021 for multiple 7 figures.

Alongside running a business she writes books and articles about entrepreneurship and competes for the UK in powerlifting.

Her books include Stop acting like you’re going to live forever, Daily Me and Instagram Rules. She also co-wrote an awesome book with Daniel Priestley on how to raise entrepreneurial kids and wrote the Clever Tykes storybooks.

Jodie is also a regular contributor for Forbes magazine on entrepreneurship and whilst running her agency she provided commentary to publications as a social media expert.

At the time of this recording she’s just about to launch her New book – Ten Year Career.

It’s designed for entrepreneurs who suspect they can be more. To help them run their business without it running them. 

You can pre-order this book now with pre-order bonuses at 


In this episode we discuss:

  • The mindset shift required for tradies, coaches and other entrepreneurs who have started businesses without any business coaching or qualifications to run a successful business.
  • The power and importance of creating clear Standard Operating Procedures to help you outsource more efficiently 
  • Jodie’s personal mission and why we believe it’s important for everyone to have an empowering personal mission.
  • How to design a life you truly desire through a successful business
  • Relationship dynamics for driven entrepreneurs and the importance of couples enrolling in each others mission and purpose.
  • Jodie’s beliefs about the education system and how it’s not designed to create entrepreneurs
  • Jodie’s book about How to raise entrepreneurial kids 
  • her advice to parents on how to support their kids to be ready for a future that doesn’t currently exist in regards to businesses and careers
  • And so much more about mindsets and strategies to be successful entrepreneurs and live the life you truly desire at the same time.

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