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E132 - Quick Content Creation: 8 Hours of Work for A Year of Content | with Elizabeth Pampalone
Episode 1321st June 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Elizabeth Pamapoline is an international speaker, a successful entrepreneur, and the Owner of Absolute Marketing. All in all, she’s an expert marketer with a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of experience in the field. Now One Big Tip listeners have a chance to hear some of her stellar advice. Her one big tip involves an incredible strategy for quickly creating a year’s worth of content. 

Elizabeth says all it takes to create 365 days’ worth of social media content is dedicating a single day of work to the task - just 8 hours! Although Elizabeth works one-on-one with clients to help them with this strategy, she says it’s something anyone can do at home with their own business, and in this episode of the One Big Tip podcast, she shares how you can do it yourself. 

Elizabeth’s process involves two hours of strategizing and six hours of implementation to create 12 months of blog posts, social media, or email marketing campaigns. In this episode, you’ll get a deeper look at exactly how it works along with tons of helpful tips to use along the way, like breaking the work down and starting with sales posts. If you’re someone who struggles to write content fast, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

In this episode:

  • [1:54] Elizabeth shares a bit of her background and the story of her entrepreneurship journey
  • [3:36] We dive into Elizabeth’s one big tip for creating solid marketing for one year in an eight-hour timespan: two hours of strategizing and six hours of implementation.
  • [4:44] Elizabeth tells us about Parkinson’s law, which is the idea that the amount of time it takes you to complete work will expand to the amount of time you allot for it.
  • [7:39] To prevent idea burnout, Elizabeth suggests breaking your process down into bite-sized pieces. Start with your sales posts - you can even repeat these!
  • [12:30] Elizabeth explains her tips and techniques for website building.
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