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How To Cultivate Prosperity With Joan Sotkin
Episode 32511th October 2017 • Smashing the Plateau • Smashing the Plateau
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Today we welcome back Joan Sotkin, Founder of Prosperity Place, and author of the award-winning book Build Your Money Muscles.

Topics include:

  • How your family origins affect your ability to succeed in business
  • Why financially stable people still struggle personally
  • Understanding the habits behind our decisions through brain science
  • Joan’s Four Step Process to breaking habits
  • Recognizing the connection between money and touch
  • Why Joan teaches that “No” is a complete sentence
  • The impact of childhood experiences on business practices
  • How to create the habit of inner-peace

Joan Sotkin is the Founder of the popular website, host of the Prosperity Place Podcast, and author of Build Your Money Muscles. For the past 30 years, Joan has been examining alternative ways of dealing with life on many different levels and guiding entrepreneurs and practitioners to build successful businesses and overcome money issues. Because defining success as merely making a lot of money and having social or career status has never made sense to Joan, Prosperity Place® is her contribution to those who want to experience the “more” of life.

Believing that it is not possible to separate career and business development from personal growth, Joan is known for her insightful understanding of the connection between money and emotion. She has delved deep into how family origins affect a person’s ability to succeed in business and employs methods from neuroscience in her teachings.

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