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303 - How We Built Our Audience Before Launching Our Membership
Episode 30327th April 2021 • The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison • The Membership Guys
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How can you launch a membership without any audience? The simple answer is you don’t have to. You need to put in the work to build that audience first.  

That’s exactly what we did, and in this episode, we share all the little details that went into building our audience BEFORE we launched the Membership Academy.

So, join me on a trip down memory lane. We’re talking about the early days of The Membership Guys and what we did six years ago to get where we are today.

We share detailed tips on content marketing, blogging, building your email list, and gaining interest before you even sign up your first member.

Essential Learning Points:

  • It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to launch a membership
  • You don’t need a huge email list to launch your membership
  • What steps you can take to build interest in your membership
  • The importance of a solid launch strategy
  • Where The Membership Guys are today.

Important Links & Mentions:

Key Quotes:

“Do what you can with what you have.”

“We hated having to turn people away and not being able to give them a suggestion of where to go.”

“450 people on an email list…you’re not going to brag to many people about that. It’s still fairly small…but it was big enough.”