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Soil - A Living Support For Plants & Climate! With Dr Christo Miliotis
Episode 57th April 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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Tiny microorganisms inhabit every place upon this planet and for much of human society we have at best dismissed them, and at worse waged war against them.

In this interview I'm joined by Dr Christo Miliotis, scientist and & entrepreneur, for an insightful talk that sheds light on the significance of the microbes and multitude of organisms that live within the soil beneath our feet, and their incredible role in supporting life on this planet.

We cover their role in feeding plants and their ability to transfer gases from the atmosphere.

We learn why current practices of using chemicals in agriculture cause damage to this essential life.

We understand the building and value of a 'soil carbon sponge' and its significance in being able to draw down not just carbon, but also water vapour from the atmosphere.

And we gain a broad picture of the impact of how we to treat our soil connects to the health of everything from the climate, to the oceans, to the microbiome within our own guts.

00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:38 - Start of Interview

00:03:55 - The Wrong Way To Feed Plants!

00:14:05 - Let Nature Feed The Plants!

00:17:32 - Greenhouse Gases as Plant Food!

00:21:45 - Plants & Microbes Work Together

00:27:04 - Build the Soil Carbon Sponge!

00:31:44 - Draw Down Water to Cool the Planet!

00:39:22 - Keep the Soil Covered!

00:41:37 - Big Leaps When We Work With Nature!

00:48:17 - Super Bugs & Super Weeds!

00:51:47 - Respecting the Life Within Soil!

00:52:53 - Healthy Soil / Healthy Gut!

00:57:57 - Motivation From Linked Benefits!

01:01:38 - Insights to Our Gut Health

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